With the vision of doing something of her own and reaching the hearts of her customers, with luxury handmade products, Hiimaani Siddharth Sharma started Aumauras Charms.

From pursuing her career in Engineering, to getting her master’s degree in Telecom & Marketing, to being a technical writer and then finally gaining certification in Natural Soap, Body Butters and Lotion Making, Himaani’s journey has been a very interesting one.

Initially, she hand-crafted the natural, fragrant soaps for gifting within family and friends. However, the beauty and benefits of these soaps touched so many hearts that people started demanding for more. Each of these handmade soaps were made with pure love and zest to go natural and eco-friendly, as much as possible. The true support of her friends led Hiimaani to pursue her passion way ahead by converting it into a business idea, wholeheartedly aiming to make these luxury products affordable for everyone.

Soon enough, getting inspired from a friend, who excels in curating gift hampers for various occasions, Himaani also came up with a wide range of gifting ideas. With this, Aumaura made it possible for her customers to get their hands on useful, economical, exclusive & personalised hampers.

Today, Aumauras Charms has everything that a happy customer needs for any occasion and this is just the beginning. Aumauras Charms has bigger plans and is gradually heading towards broadening its horizon and reaching more and more people.