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Aumauras Charms

Oud Soap Bar

Oud Soap Bar

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Looking for a way to relax and unwind?
Well, look no further! Aumauras Oud Soap Bar is here to help you destress and relax. It's unique blend of Agarwood Oud creates a long-lasting, warm and woody fragrance. Not only does it relax and soothe you, it also cleanses and nourishes your skin leaving it feeling refreshed. So why wait? Try Aumauras Oud Soap Bar now and enjoy its calming effects!

Pro Tip

To make your bar soap last longer, keep your bar dry between uses. Store it in a silicon or wooden soap dish with good drainage.

How to use

Bar soaps tend to work best in not-too-hot, not-too-cold water. To get a good lather going, do a quick rinse to wet your skin and rub the bar between your hands for 15 seconds. Then, apply the lather to your entire body. Start at your neck and work your way down to your feet then rinse the soap.

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